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That way, as long as you followed the rules, you wouldn't have to explain yourself or worry what other people would think. Anxiety about parents dating are often rooted in a sense that you've lost one parent and here the other one is going off and forming a new family that you won't ever really have a place in the way you had a place in the old family--and that's TRUE, that is what happens.

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, there would have been precise rules, dictated by Etiquette, to answer just such a question. If it were my mom less than a year in the ground, I honestly think "I need the release of mindless sex" would be more comforting to me than "I want to love someone else as much as I loved your mom" would be.

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My mother and I were the only family members to attend the wedding. It sounds too much like you are trying to replace or to replicate your old relationship.

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How do you explain to him that it is all rht to start dating after 3 months? My uncle remarried withing 6 months of his wife's death from cancer (to a woman he met a support while my aunt was still alive).How To Start Dating After Divorce - AskMen

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